Litefly Computer Repair can remove even the most stubborn computer virus, malware and Trojans.

We can perform computer virus removal on systems that won’t boot, viruses that redirect your web pages, deny you access to file systems, and a whole host of other issues.

New viruses and spyware come out daily, if not hourly, worldwide. The Internet knows no borders, so the days of hearing about a few viruses a year are long over.

Litefly Computer Repair will provide a virus removal solution that can include a check of other computers in your network, and make sure you’ve got effective software solutions that update daily for the best protection.


Computer Virus Removal Service

How can I make sure my family, my business, and my data are not only safe, but also always available?

  • All our work is performed with a close eye on how any computer repair or network installation will impact the security and availability of your data. We don’t just do a wireless router installation and say goodbye, we configure your equipment and software to be secure, stable, and private.
  • On every service call we also provide simple and effective recommendations on how to navigate the net, get your work done, and protect your family from malicious threats.
  • We constantly test new technologies and hardware to keep your family safe, and your personal and business data secure and available. Finding issues by testing and hardware evaluation can and will save our customers money. We want you to have an affordable computer repair!
  • Most residential recommendations simply require a “best practices” adoption of how to use and secure passwords, logins and proper email usage. “Best practices” cost you nothing in equipment or installation fees. Please ask us how!
  • (Litefly Computer Repair has held the CISSP1 certification and knows how to best mitigate online threats and denial of access to your valuable data. We always provide a basic security overview on any service call, and can perform a custom home audit or extensive business security audit on request.)