What education and or training does Litefly IT Computer Repair have that relates to computer repair and network installation?

My company, Litefly IT Computer Repair Woodland Hills, has both Microsoft and Cisco Certifications. In 25 years the work is never boring and new technical offerings make constant training and research mandatory.

  • Residential wireless offerings are really exciting with speed, reliability and coverage capabilities that were not possible even 24 months ago. Wireless and online security are real specialties that Litefly IT Computer Repair both enjoy and excel at.
  • Both residential and business grade security offerings are much better than even a few years ago. What Litefly IT Computer Repair provides is a very effective base of common sense, online usage behaviors, that costs the user nothing. We call this approach, “best practices”.
  • Litefly IT Computer Repair tests products, and we research constantly for the best virus removal software and protection for all our clients. Litefly Computer Repair uses a blend of wide spectrum of virus removal and malware removal software to be as effective as possible.
  • On larger business projects Litefly IT Computer Repair will assign different engineers for different areas of specialization. We provide those “estimates” in the form of a project proposal. My shop has Cisco, various Cyber Security and Wireless certifications and training. Our engineers are mature and very capable.

How did you get started doing this type of work?

Litefly IT Computer Repair began in IT, as many seasoned professionals have, out of necessity. In the mid 90s IT support basically didn’t exist.

  • Our company was undergoing a migration from photographic film technology to digital cameras. As a commercial photographer I had to read, reason, and figure issues out for our company. Once formal training really became accessible I attended classes, seminars, and tested for industry certifications. To this day the education really never stops.

People simply must have quick, affordable and reliable solutions in order to work safely and securely in today’s environment.

  • Folks just want things to work and Litefly IT Computer Repair Woodland Hills gets that. I enjoy helping people and when I hire a computer repair technician we need to see that spark where they really enjoy helping people. That’s what Litefly is all about.
  • Litefly IT Computer Repair enjoys not only providing real solutions to everyday problems, but also actually helping people to understand what’s happening, and how they can avoid a repeat service call.
  • Get it fixed and keep it running. For a new install, do it right the first time. It’s what people want and deserve to have any professional deliver.

On the client side our project range is vast:

  • Single family homes.
  • Folks that have retired and need a helping hand to make sense of the technology.
  • Small one or two person “mom and pop” shops that need value based solutions.
  • Medium size businesses that require a full turnkey installations from cabling to email servers, full workstation installations and integration.

Security and wireless solutions are almost always at the forefront of both residential and business customer requirements. Having a secure and reliable wireless network is a mandatory priority. We take pride in our expertise and we believe your satisfaction is job one.

Can you describe a recent project you are fond of?

This year we did a pro bono job for a homeless Veterans organization. The homeless have needs to get online as well as the rest of society; in some ways their needs are more urgent.

These needs include communication with displaced family members, Veterans Affairs online access for medical needs, and social outreach connections.

Our project consisted of:

  • Installing 6 workstations with a secure wireless network installation. The minimum range required was to cover the main 8,000 square foot facility securely and reliably.
  • Numerous essential navigation aids were setup as standard desktops and in the browsers. This enabled easier navigation to sites essential to help the Vets integrate back into society.
  • We’ve also provided for training of the staff in maintenance of the systems, and setup laminated online guides for each workstation.
One final note,

Please remember that our Veterans deserve every bit of help we can give. Anyone can help. If you can help, great. If you can’t, find a reputable organization and at least make a small donation. Every little bit helps.