Computer Network Installation

  • Litefly IT Computer Repair has extensive experience in all types of network installation and troubleshooting.
  • Wired connections are unbeatable. The are robust, physically reliable, have very high data throughput, and are the ideal connection for traditional server/client networks.
  • At Litefly we know how to create and maintain both business, and residential wired data networks and installations for 2 people or small companies with 100 employees.

residential network installation

What about wireless networks? Can Litefly help?

  • We started working in wireless technologies in 2001. We’ve got 15 years of wireless network installation experience and have stable and secure home or business wireless solutions for every size and budget.
  • Litefly IT Computer Repair is constantly testing new technology and wireless products. Our knowledge will save you time and money. Whether it’s a two-story condo, or a 10,000 square foot home, a Litefly IT Computer Repair network installation will cover it all.

wifi installation

How secure is a wireless network?

  • Wireless networks can be extremely secure, but only if installed and configured properly. Litefly IT Computer Repair not only makes your wireless network installation secure, but we will also share with you our, “best practices” usage guides.
  • Our guides can help you and your whole family or business safeguard your online experience. Here’s just a few of the tips we’d like to share with you:

I have poor coverage with my existing wireless network. Do I have to buy new equipment? Can Litefly IT Computer Repair help?

  • It’s not always the case that new wireless routers, bridges or access points are required to resolve coverage issues.
  • The first thing we examine is the placement and coverage of your existing equipment to see if we can effectively use what you already own. Your money is hard earned, and our job is to provide you with an outstanding solution while providing an affordable computer repair.

What are a couple of simple tips you might have to help the average homeowner get the most from their wireless router or access point?

  • Wireless technology is really nothing more than special radios that send and receive data. Radio has been around for over 120 years, and they all rely on antennas for a good signal and reception.
  • So … the number one thing to remember to get the most out of your wireless network is to get your router or access point off the floor and out from behind any other electronics. Get those antennas up high where they can “see” the network!
  • By simply putting your wireless router as high as is practical on a shelf can make a huge difference in range and it costs you nothing. (Just make sure to keep it away from fluorescent bulbs! They work on a similar frequency to your wireless network and can cause interference issues.)

Can we have one more simple tip for improved wireless coverage?

  • Avoid placement near mirrors! Why? Mirrors are coated with various types of metallic “paints” to provide the reflective surface. Wireless technology for today’s consumers will penetrate wood and drywall, but NOT metal. This means mirrors!

What about other types of metal such as monitors, computer towers, (you can place your wireless router on top of your tower), and printers interfering with your wireless signal?

  • Getting your wireless router above all your electronics will significantly improve the reliability and coverage of your wireless network. And the cost to you to make these changes? Nothing!