Full Service Computer Repair

Let’s talk about the convenience of in home computer repair, remote computer repair and the approach Litefly IT Computer Repair takes regarding virus removal, network installation and our full solution computer repair.

In Home Computer Repair

in home computer repair

Here are just some of the advantages:

  • Now there’s no more need to unplug all the wires and cables to get your issues solved. We travel to you!
  • Our on site repair service will result in a faster, more accurate diagnosis of your computer issue. When our tech can see the exact environment where the issue is, it’s more accurate and realistic in comparison to say, bringing in your computer tower to a shop. I mean, who really wants to unplug everything, hassle with traffic, and do it all over again once it’s finished?
  • When we are onsite, we can rule out network issues if we determine your network is operating properly. I want our service to result in a quick resolution of your issues at a competitive price.

onsite computer repair

Remote Computer Repair

When you call us at 818-515-3691 , Litefly will determine if remote computer repair might be an option for you.

The advantages for secure remote computer repair are:

Convenience. Once permission is granted to access your computer, we will access your computer to determine the cause of the issue, and discuss the proper solution with you.

Whether it’s a Mac or Windows, they both work equally well for secure diagnosis and resolution.

Secure remote diagnosis of your computer issues can save you money, and it will save you time as the tech will start working right away.

In many cases onsite service is the way to go. Here are some cases where remote service just won’t work.

  • If there are network issues that prevent us from being able to connect to your PC or Apple computer, then remote assistance isn’t an option.
  • If there is an issue with a virus that stops your computer from operating online, then a remote solution unfortunately isn’t an option.
  • Most printer repair issues require physical access for the tech. Printers are almost always a hands on repair.
  • Give us a call at 818-515-3691 and we’ll get your issue resolved right away!